It’s really great to have you here! Featured, you will find a variety of different services that I can offer you/your company. Depending on your needs, all of these services can be combined. Look around and feel free to contact me for any questions. Let’s make something great together!


Need helping figuring out what you want to do and how it should look like? No problem! I provide a creative and fun way to showcase your thing in the best possible way. By closely collaborating with you as a customer, I’ll educate myself in your vision and what your goal is. Let’s make something great together!


Your logotype is the first way to showcase your company in a professional fashion. I provide a creative and fun path to make that happen. By collaborating with you as a customer, I make sure to educate myself in your preferences in typography, color, style and theme. Time to show you off!


Need social media coverage but don’t know how to proceed? I’ll help! By letting me deal with your channels, I’ll lighten your load so you can focus on your thing. Through content creation, I’ll make sure you’re being seen. Let’s post!


I always value a long collaboration. It gives us time to discover potential as we go. I can therefore provide several contracts to fit your needs and budget. Let’s have a coffee and start something great together!


Want a card that shows you off? That sounds great! I’ve made several and I understand the importance of a stylish way to provide your contact information. You talk – I’ll design!


Your brand identity is the top priority when starting a company. I’ll make your brand come to life by working out a clear visual concept that displays your vision. On top of that, I can lighten your load through social media manegement and website maintenance. Anything is possible – so let’s do it!


Books are one of the biggest loves of my life! That’s why I offer book cover designs in all formats. Whether your novel is going to print, being published online or is released as an audio book, I will provide it with a design that speaks to your needs. Let’s talk and add even more flare to your story!


Writing can be hard – but I can do it! Your product descriptions, social media posts and website language will be provided with its own voice, enabling another form of brand identity. No more ipsum dolor!


Need some help for a week or maybe a few months? Let’s do it! To make it as efficient as possible, I can provide several different contracts to fit your needs and budget. Let’s have a coffee and start something great together!


Need Swedish to English or English to Swedish? Send it over! I’ve been living in Sweden and the US all my life, so Swedish and English are my native languages. No more weird translations!